Lessons in Living a French Life

Everyone deserves something beautiful

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Our raison d'être is to share the beauty of France in an intimate and creative setting.
It is the opportunity to rediscover lost domestic arts through lessons, tours, and conversations.

Visit our online shop for a curated collection of vintage finds that add a little touch of Europe to your home, no matter where you live.

Le Shop

Everyone deserves a bit of Europe in their home.  My task is to find vintage treasures and share my favorites with you.  I love a good French brocante or German flohmarkt. There is something wonderful about walking through a European flea market with beautifully crafted objects with so many stories to tell.  Every item is hand selected and adored.

Each month, I host a curated collection of my favorite finds along with artisan-crafted lifestyle essentials in our online shop. When purchased, they are wrapped with care and delivered to your door.  

Lessons in Living a French Life

After finding our "maison," we will welcome small groups of guests into our home to share our favorite French food and wines, shop local farm markets and brocantes, and explore memorable historical sights. It is a pampered and authentic experience in the French countryside.

Each "lesson" is an intimate four day experience for 3-4 couples that celebrates the beauty of domestic arts. We might learn the art of making fresh cheese, cultivating a medieval herb garden, using natural dyes, or learning how to spin and knit. 

Share Our European Journey

In 2017, we packed our belongings, including 2 dogs and 2 cats, and moved the family across two oceans and a continent to begin our new life in Europe. This is our story of the winding journey to find and restore a little piece of French history in Burgundy, France and to share that experience with you. 

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