Lessons in Living a French Life

Everyone deserves something beautiful

What is an atelier?

Atelier (n. French) a private workshop or studio of an artist or designer


It's the room behind the scenes. It's the place where creativity is explored and art is created. It's a space where conversations are shared. Since medieval times in Europe, individuals have come together to hone their craft in ateliers. The environment inspired and encouraged personal growth through social interactions.

This blog is a modern version of an atelier; for sharing creativity, learning new things, and seeing the process of how something comes to fruition. My purpose is to share my passions:  Design | Travel | History | Art | Food | Gardens | Craft with an eye on "all things French."  It's the opportunity to take a peek at what Karen and Tim are working on, a chronicle of our journey as we build a new life in France.


Share Karen's experiences of living a life in Europe.

Share Karen's experiences of living a life in Europe.