Lessons in Living a French Life

Bringing a touch of French culture to everyday life

The Seduction of a French Home in Need of Love

Home. It is more than a shelter against the elements. It’s an expression of who we are. It defines what we value, our style, and holds our stories. We design a space to facilitate the experiences we want to have within it now and how we hope life might unfold in the near future. We ask important questions:

With whom do we want to share it? How do we want the space to make others feel? What is most important to you in your daily life?

Consider what is most important to you in your daily life and let that be the center of your home. A grand reception room can serve many different purposes. For me, the square footage is best used as an atelier, a creative space to share with others and make things. When I look at designing a space, I think about how it can facilitate my creativity. How can it inspire me and those that share the space with me?

Home shapes our life that unfolds within it. It captures the small moments of everyday life, giving them meaning and value.

Home is about how we want to live now and how we hope life might unfold in the near future.

work the restoration project / our style / want people to desire to come and experience the setting. Look forward to being a part of NAME OF PLACE next chapter. Place where our stories intertwine. Be a part of the story.

Every once in awhile, an opportunity comes along to be a part of something special. To experience a French lifestyle.

To belong to something larger and share in its history and restoration.

To create a beautiful life and share it with others.

check out notes on restoration project ideas