Lessons in Living a French Life

Bringing a touch of French culture to everyday life

The Opening and Closing of French Shutters

Karen Kriebl

In France, every morning the shutters are opened. Every evening they are closed. Like clockwork, you can tell when the new day begins and when it is time to say goodnight to the world. Everyone goes through this ritual each day. Everyone. Everyday. Volets serve several practical purposes but they also are an effective communication system.

A Maker's Life

Karen Kriebl

For my family, 2019 is a year of new beginnings. New schools. New home. New business. While all the changes can feel unsettling, I am focusing on the making of a new life . . . to create a new way of being in the world.

The Inherent Beauty of Everyday Objects

Karen Kriebl

I love things that are utilitarian, beautiful but serve a purpose. I look for objects with patina, a history that you can see and feel. Not everything has to be old; but I like to see the maker's hand, so something artisan and handcrafted from natural materials that are simple in design.